Parish activities remain limited and restricted. Live streaming of Masses and devotions continue.

To sign up for in-person Mass attendance capped at 50 persons, please click here.

Please see the upcoming events on the right side of your PC screen, for the schedule of our Live stream Mass celebrations.

Please click on Mortuary list to complete mortuary list form.

For online Catechism Classes please click here.

Click on Sunday School or Confirmation classes for more information on the gradual reopening of the classes.

Please remember that COVID 19 disease is a declared pandemic. Anyone entering or sending their children to Sunday school does so at his or her own risk.

Infant baptism will be celebrated in the parish, on request. It will be one child per baptism. Attendance will be limited. All the safety and health measures put in place to limit the spread of the Covid-19 disease will be observed. Please contact the parish office for directives.

To make your planned Giving (Pledge), please deposit in the Parish Bank Account or please set up a debit order or stop order with your Bank. Always use your Pledge number as reference.

Marriages will be celebrated in the parish. This applies to those who have properly fulfilled all the requirements for marriage. Attendance is limited to 40 persons only.

Confessions and Counseling will be by appointment. Please contact Fr Emmanuel to book an appointment. Wearing of face mask is compulsory for each session.

For Emergency Sick Calls: especially when the person is in the danger of death, please contact the office.

For Parish Banking details please click here

This website would be the official communication platform of the Parish during this pandemic.


  1. Parish activities remain limited.
  2. Physical attendance to Mass capped at 50 persons to be held on Saturday by 5:30pm and Sundays by 8am.
  3. The dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still active.
  4. Live streaming of Masses and devotions will continue as usual.
  5. Confessions are available on request and by appointment.
  6. Sick call is available on request.
  7. Funerals restricted to 50 persons.
  8. Baptisms and Marriages will be celebrated with limited attendance.
  9. Sunday School and confirmation classes have resumed with limited and regulated attendance.

God bless you.

Fr Emmanuel

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