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Mass attendance Screening


Mass Attendance Health Screening Test.

The following questions are intended for screening those to attend the in-person Mass in the Parish. It takes less than a minutes to complete the test. Click “Start” button to proceed.

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Have you experienced Fever in the past 7 days?

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Do you wear Face Mask in public places such as the Malls, shops, beaches etc?

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Have you experienced nausea in the past 7 days?

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Have you experienced frequent cough in the past 7 days?

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Have you experienced shortness of breath in the past 7 days?

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Have you experienced difficulty in breathing in the past 7 days?

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I accept the legal consequences should I make any false statement here?

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  1. In-person Masses will be celebrated on Wednesday, Friday & weekend. Max = 70.
  2. Elderly persons (60 & above) and persons with comorbidities are please requested to stay home and join online.

God bless you.

Fr Emmanuel

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