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Please answer the screening questions before signing up for attendance. To begin, click the start button below.


Quick Covid Screening Test

The following questions are intended to screen those who wish to attend our parish confirmation classes. The test takes less than a minute to complete. All questions must be answered truthfully and accurately. Click “Start” button to proceed.

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Have you experienced loss of taste in the past 7 days?

2 / 5

Have you experienced difficulty in breathing in the past 7 days?

3 / 5

Do you recently have rashes on your skin?

4 / 5

Have you experienced fatigue weakness or tiredness in the past 7 days?

5 / 5

Do you solemnly affirm and declare that all the information provided here are true and correct?

Your score is


Please note that online booking/sign up is NO LONGER required for attending any Mass in the Parish.




  1. In-person (attendance) Masses are celebrated every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Livestreaming of Masses continue on our Youtube Channel when possible and necessary.

God bless you.

Fr Emmanuel

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